Friday, April 3, 2009

What I love about EC

I post a lot in the EC forum on MDC, and sometimes I get pretty philosophical. I probably insert more of my own philosophies into my responses than is actually asked for! But EC has really challenged me in terms of how I relate to my baby. Very early on, she clearly knew what the potty was for, and knew how to use it, with my help, of course. But what about the times when she didn't wait? Sometimes I got frustrated and took it personally, and then I had to take a step back and think about my reaction. I really need to just let her be who she is and care for her as best as I can, but not get frustrated with her when she doesn't do exactly what I want her to. That's part of the "journey" for sure. I speak of this in the past tense, because I think I've come a long way in this area! Now that she's basically on a potty strike, I have lots of practice accepting her for who she is! I really can't "get" her to do anything different.

I also love EC because I've learned a lot about babies, or at least about my baby. People are always saying, "don't do such and such or your baby will always expect this or that." I've learned that babies are a lot more flexible and adaptable than that. I can have a period of time when I'm not able to take Hannah potty, if I'm teaching a class or seeing a client or patient, for example, and she uses her diaper during those times. When I am able to take her, she goes. Those times when I can't take her don't ruin anything, she just gets right back on track.

I've also learned from this process that babies grow and change in a non-linear way. (Makes sense, that's how I grow and change!) It's been kind of a magnifier for that process to me.

I also love that I have been able to respond to what my baby needs when she's been fussy or squirmy. I have been around other people who have tried to guess what's wrong- she's hungry, she needs to be bounced or rocked, etc. and she just needed to be taken to the potty. I love that! And I'm glad I don't bounce her when she has to go potty, that can't be comfortable!

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