Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another "first"!!!!

Today Hannah was nakey bum and took herself potty for a poop! I had left her without pants after she peed in her trainers, and the rest were in the wash. I actually had some "staged" on the couch and ready to put on (they're still there as I type!) but never got around to putting them on. In retrospect, I'm surprised I did that, since she was going on close to 48 hours without a poop; she was definitely due! I noticed that she was on the potty, and sat on it for quite awhile. I decided not to go over there, to just let her sit without me hovering. When she got off, I went to look and there was poop! Yay, Hannah!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Too sick to care?

We both had colds last week. It was Hannah's first cold (ever!) and my second cold in a row this season. I was pretty worn down, to say the least! She sure didn't seem to care if she wet her pants, and I was too tired to stay on top of it. I did change her as soon as she wet, but I wasn't helping her to remember to go in the potty!

Follow up from previous post

It's funny I posted that about being more mellow with misses, and noticing that we have almost no poop misses. I think that very day we had a full-blown poop-tastrophe! It was OK, but I was wishing she'd hold still while I cleaned up the mess!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I've changed a lot during this process!

I was just thinking about how much I've changed during this EC journey! Of course I want to try to provide my daughter a place to eliminate when she needs to, but there are times when she just plain doesn't care if she goes in her pants! That bothered me at first, but I have finally figured out that it is not a big deal!! At this point, she will generally tell me immediately when she's peed in her pants, and I can change her. Right now she has a cold, and is definitely not interested in sitting on the potty first thing in the morning. OK! Even with the cold and refusing the morning potty, she still stays mostly dry during the day. In the EC forum people often give the advice to just relax and stay cool and enjoy the process. I think I've learned that! I definitely struggled with that during the 7-ish month poop strike! It's a lot easier to stay calm and relaxed when it's just a missed pee here and there! (So maybe it's a combo of EC getting easier and my attitude changing!) Anyway, it's always interesting!