Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pants fit differently, and time to blog!

I have time to blog a little more, now that I'm not doing laundry all the time!!! I don't mind doing laundry, but I don't mind the break, either!

Now that Hannah wears panties, some of her pants don't fit her anymore! The other day we were taking a walk, and she was running down the street and her pants fell down! Fortunately a lot of her pants fit on the snug side anyway. The other ones she can wear when she gets bigger, or if we go out with training pants, I guess! Now I know why they make special pants for EC'ing little ones!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dry for a week!

Reading over recent posts, I realized that it's been at least a week since her last miss, and I think it's been longer! Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!! She even tells me now when she needs to go. A couple of days ago, I was pretty sick, and decided that I wasn't going to worry about if she went in the potty or not. So she told me when she needed to go! She's done that a couple of times. Very exciting! I quite enjoy this stage!

She used the toilet!

Hannah finally peed on the toilet! I haven't put her on there (with a seat reducer) that often, because she hasn't liked it! Today she was pointing to the seat reducer, and I asked her if she wanted to sit on the big potty. She said "yeah" (I love how she says 'yeah' these days!) and then she peed! It was cool. Now that I think about it, she was expressing interest in the toilet recently, and I told her she could sit on it whenever she wanted to go potty. I wonder if she'll want to sit on it again! She was pretty excited about it! I say "finally" because I was secretly wondering if she was ever going to want to sit on a toilet! So far she just goes potty at home or in the one in the car. It kind of opens up opportunities if she's willing to go in a toilet!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

She likes this potty on the floor, and sometimes enjoys reading a book while she's sitting on it!!!
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Pottying at night

Well, after over a year of refusing to potty at night, Hannah now will go in her potty when I take her at night. She fusses a tiny bit but goes. I think it helps her sleep more comfortably! It's nice to see that she is no longer refusing night time pottying. The nights of making sure I had 4 night time diapers clean and available seem but a distant memory now!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Staying dry!

This morning before getting out of bed (meaning, it was early morning, and I was hoping Hannah would fall back to sleep) I was thinking about laundry for some reason, and how I hadn't been doing much lately. Then I realized that Hannah has been completely dry for three whole days, and has only had 2 misses in 5 days! The first miss was when we were on the road, and she didn't want to use the potty I offered. The second was night time. So she's staying dry! She did have a random poop miss yesterday, but I'm pretty sure that was a fluke. Dry is good!

The way it's going now is that every time I go, she goes. She's been telling me when she needs to poop for several months now (except for yesterday) and rarely tells me when she needs to pee. Our schedule of going together works!

The great thing is that she goes when I put her on the potty. I've been looking forward to the time when she would go when given the chance, it's a good habit to get into!!! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I wasn't sure we'd make it!

We went on vacation last week, and I wasn't sure if I had enough waterproof trainers. We were gone 6 days, and I only have 9 pairs! Prior to our trip, we had been having quite a few pee misses. (No poop misses from 17 months, until today, but that's a different story.) I was thinking of picking up a pack of disposable trainers, just in case, but I didn't see any that I liked at the store. As it turns out, we made it through with only using 6 of them!! Hannah started peeing every time I went potty, and was dry most of the time. Since coming home, we've continued that, her peeing when I do. She's only had two misses in the last 5 days. Pretty neat!! She really seemed to like the "noisy" toilet in our room on vacation. So now she wears panties during the day, and it's pretty cool.