Sunday, April 19, 2009

Now this is very cool!

Once again, Hannah told me she had to poop! It was around noon, and we were sitting down on the bed and she looked at me and made a very definite "sth" sound. (It was a cross between "s" and "th" this time.) I was wary to take her to the potty, actually, because it was at a time of day she normally wouldn't want to be offered the potty. I told her that I thought she was telling me she needed to go, and I was going to take her, and if she didn't want to go, that was OK. So she sat down and started making that sound, and started pooping! It was pretty cool. Later this afternoon, after her afternoon nap, I took her again, and while she was sitting, she started making the sound while peeing. I love that she has that connection and actually makes the sound! (Speaking of after nap peeing, I've learned that if I give her a few minutes, she's quite content to sit on the potty and go. She just doesn't want to go immediately after waking anymore. OK.)

The cool thing about her telling me, and it being noon, is that is one of the first poops we've caught that wasn't relying on timing. Typically she goes first thing in the morning, or right before bed, and if she doesn't, I often miss it. So it was doubly cool because it was the middle of the day, not tied to any kind of routine, and she told me! Yippee!!

As I type this, it is 5:20 and she is in the same pair of training pants I put on her this morning around 10:30. (She wet her pants around 9:00 ish and then I put a diaper on her. That stayed dry and I put training pants on after her morning nap.)

She's 12 1/2 months old, and hasn't said any "real" words yet, just the occasional telling me when she needs to go potty!

I know every day probably won't be like this for awhile yet, but I'll take them as they come!

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