Saturday, April 4, 2009

More of what I love about EC

As I wrote before, I love the communication, and knowing what my daughter needs. When she was tiny, people asked me over and over again, "don't you wish you knew what she was trying to say when she's fussy?" And I never felt that way, I really did know what she was trying to say! Now, at around 11 months, I did start to wish she could talk, her fussiness and crying has been more subtle! But in the beginning, it was easy to tell what she wanted.

I've also practiced a little of the "timing" aspect with my 16-year-old poodle. Since babies commonly have to pee when they first wake up, and I'm in the habit of taking Hannah to the potty when she first wakes up, I decided that I would also put my dog outside when he first wakes up. It has saved my carpet considerably! He does try to make it outside, but since he's old and moves slow in the morning, he doesn't always make it. I would not have thought to take him out first thing if I hadn't learned that with EC! I also am more sensitive to my dog's trying to communicate with me, like yesterday when he followed me around, I finally realized he was out of food.

I also like that I'm not dependent on diapers. If we're out and about and I run out of diapers, it's not a big deal. I just put her in the carseat on a blanket (I usually have several in the car) and it's dry when we get home anyway. It's nice! Since Hannah is not a big fan of being clothed or diapered, this lets me only put diapers on her when we really need to (for my convenience) and not worry about it otherwise. She's much happier this way!

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