Monday, April 13, 2009

Holding it longer when other people are around

I notice a big difference when other people are around. Hannah holds it for a lot longer! I first noticed this when we were at my neighbor's across the street. She was being baptized, actually. I noticed that she was a little squirmy, but there just wasn't the opportunity to take her potty. I figured when we got back home she'd be wet and I'd change her. She was dry, and went as soon as I put her on the potty. Some time had passed, as well. It's so amazing that a little baby can hold it! She was about 6 months at the time. I also notice when we go over to my mom's that she goes a lot longer without peeing, and she is more consistent about using the potty there. I don't know why! We go through fewer diapers when we're there. It's not because I'm paying more attention, either, because I'm not. A couple of weeks ago my friend Charlie was visiting. He stayed two nights, and both nights she was dry the entire night! She usually pees multiple times a night (as I have written about!) It makes me think about wanting to get a roommate!! I guess when she's socializing she holds her pee.

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