Friday, April 3, 2009

Misses and messes

If you're reading this and haven't tried EC and aren't quite sure what to think, give it some time. It can take a little while to get use to the idea. Sometimes I write about the frustrating aspect, but I truly can't imagine another way to take care of my baby when it comes to her need to pee and poop.

So I had to learn to be OK with a few messes from time to time. Of course there are messes even with babies who are in diapers full time. And for the most part, I have had Hannah in a diaper as a "back up" in case I didn't get her to the potty in time, or at the right time. I have been peed on a time or two, however! And it's really no big deal. Pee is sterile, and tiny babies don't pee that much volume anyway. I think her going in the potty the majority of the time is less messy than dealing with messy diapers.

Speaking of messy diapers, for most of this past year, Hannah's poops have gone in the potty. In the beginning, she pooped 8 or so times a day, and more than half went in the potty. Even from her second week of life! How cool is that? By about three months, she was averaging a poopy diaper about every ten days or so. And this is a baby who poops a lot! I think our longest streak without a poopy diaper is two months. Currently, we're back to about one every ten days or so. Not too bad!

In the time period from 3-7 months, she typically was clean and dry all day, with one wet diaper. I actually had her in little training pants at that time, because she didn't need diapers. We often went 24 hours without any misses.

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