Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trying to get this figured out

I can't quite figure out where Hannah wants to go potty, and maybe she doesn't know, either. She definitely tells me when she needs to go, but refuses the choices I give her. This hasn't been going on long, and I'm guessing is just part of her development. (I hope!) This evening she let me know, so I took her into my bathroom. Earlier, she had peed in there while I was going, so I thought I'd try that the next time. I had two of her potties in there, plus the seat reducer. She was playing with the potties, making her potty sound the whole time, and just didn't go. She did actually sit on her potty by herself, which was awesome! I let her sit on the potty, and we hung out in there for quite awhile while she made the potty sound and played with the potties. Then she went on the floor. It seemed like we learned something about each other and pottying there, though. I cleaned it up, no big deal. It's easier cleaning a pee miss off of the linoleum floor than changing a wet pair of pants!

She's wanting to be taken potty in the night again, too, which is very cool!

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