Monday, May 4, 2009

So this is a potty strike!

Every so often I realize the potty strike becomes more and more intense. Maybe it's because I forget what it was like before, or maybe it is becoming more intense! At this point, Hannah really hates it when I put a diaper on her, and she declines just about any potty opportunity I give her. I know we've had a few days with zero catches, which we haven't had since we started! Today she pooped on the floor in the living room, which somehow was easier to clean up than if she had pooped in a diaper. The thing about it going on the floor is that it doesn't get smashed up into her skin. (New moms talk about poop, we just do, right?) Then some time later she peed on me while I was holding her. OK, that top was ready to go into the laundry anyway! Twice she peed outside, which is just fine! So I'm watching her and trying to see what kind of signalling she might be doing. It does seem like she's trying to tell me some of the time, it's just so hard to tell!

She did signal by saying her "sth" sound for something like 2 weeks in a row, or maybe it was a little longer. That was cool. I think she made the sound today, too, while she was peeing when I was holding her. At least she still has the awareness of needing to go.

Honestly, this morning I was pretty bummed about her flat refusal to use the potty. She doesn't just sit quietly and not go, she arches her back and jumps around. Not fun. It's so much easier to just go without the dipes for awhile.


  1. My daughter Fiery is 7 months and although I wouldn't call it a "potty strike" she definitely flattens her body like a board when I put her on the potty and I have to mold her body to a sitting position (looks kinda funny). Once she's on, she's on so I'm not complaining. I'm interested to see what happens!

  2. I will have fond memories of the flattening like a board. It's really a funny look, in my opinion! Sometimes I'm tired and my arms aren't up for the wrestling, but on better days, it makes me laugh!