Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's a real mixed bag right now

Right now some really amazing things are happening in terms of Hannah using the potty, and some frustrating things as well! She had a couple of days this week where she decided not to tell me she needed to poop. I don't think anyone likes cleaning poopy diapers but since poopy diapers are relatively infrequent with EC, it seems even less fun to clean poop! So it was kind of frustrating to have her poop on the floor a couple of times this week, and poop in her diaper, both! I have also been extremely sleep-deprived, so it's hard to maintain perspective sometimes. (Really, in the scheme of things, cleaning poop is not a big deal!!) Anyway, with some excellent advice from the moms on MDC, I started realizing that right now she's really moving towards being independent. So I'm trying to let her have more say in the matter as to when and where she potties. Hard to do, since I'm so used to just taking her to a potty and offering. She doesn't like that anymore, though! Yesterday I discovered that if I let her sit by herself on her bunny potty she will go. That was a nice discovery! It's so much cleaner for all concerned if she just goes in the potty!

I love this show of independence! It's really awesome! It took some adjusting on my part, but it's very cool.

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