Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The phases!

I read about the phases of potty independence, and that really put things into perspective! Here they are:

Phase 1: Staying dry reliably with mom's help
Phase 2: Signalling rather consistently, needing occasional reminders
Phase 3: Independence in going potty
Phase 4: Self sufficient, including wiping

I would put Hannah in the phase 1 category, which is pretty cool! Her entry into that phase was rather sudden, actually! After that 7 month potty pause, it was much appreciated! She's been having more misses lately, with the arrival of the lovely canines, but for awhile there she was having misses only every 3rd day or so. I've gotten pretty lazy with the laundry! No need to make sure I always have lots of clean pants.

She's even been dry almost every night for quite awhile. 2 months? 3 months? I can't remember!

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