Sunday, October 4, 2009

3 times in a row, and taking herself potty!

Last night was quite an evening for us! Hannah told me three times in a row using her word for potty that she had to pee! I thought that was pretty neat, and was planning on writing about it here. Then, she took herself potty!

We were playing on the floor, and she looked down at herself like she does when she either has to go potty, is going potty, or has just gone potty. I think I asked her if she was going, but didn't really think about it, because she had just gone three times. Next thing I know, she's sitting on her potty! I wasn't really paying attention, and didn't even see her climb on. She's sat on it a few times before, more just playing with it and she hasn't ever peed in the one that is in the living room. When she got up, I saw that she had peed in it! So she realized she had to pee, got on the potty, and peed! I'm impressed that she coordinated all that!

This morning she told me she had to go, then refused the potty and ended up going on the floor. Maybe it was because it was early morning, I don't know! It's definitely not a linear progression! I just noticed that we generally only have one miss, maybe two, in a day. She's gone at least a week without a poop miss, which is the first time for that in about 7 months!

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