Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another reason I like EC

I have to admit, there have been times along this journey where I didn't like EC, but that's because I really needed to back off and let Hannah be Hannah. Since backing off a few weeks ago, we've had very few misses, actually! One thing I love about EC is that I'm (mostly) able to honor Hannah's preference to be out of diapers. It seems most little ones protest diapers at some point. It's been so easy to just say, "Ok, no diaper then. No biggie." There are times when she's protested and I've insisted, because of night time wetting or whatever, but for the most part we can just leave them off when she doesn't want to wear them. I like that. As I write this, it has been about a week since she's had on a diaper, anyway. We still use training pants, but not often. This goes in cycles with us, that's just where we are right now. The last tim she had on a diaper, it was because she asked me to put it on her! She wore it for about an hour, then I took it off at bath time. She didn't pee in it or anything, just wanted to have it on, I guess!

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