Monday, August 24, 2009

A new milestone!

Oh, today something very cool happened! Hannah gestured that she had to go potty, and I put her on the potty, and she went! Poop, even! Lately she's been gesturing (by touching her diaper or training pants) but then doesn't go when I put her on the potty. This is the first time she's coordinated those two! We've had a ton of poop misses lately, too, so it was doubly cool! It's neat to see her developing! (Not EC related, but at the moment, she is holding my phone up to her ear and talking. She hasn't done that before. They learn so quickly! And they're so darn cute!)

Night time EC is still a challenge. I just figured out that our night time routine (EC-wise, that is) changes every 5 nights or so. I just have to accept it! I wasn't too pleased about that this morning, when I got flooded by a leaky diaper. I did congratulate her on holding it so long, though! I haven't figured out yet what we'll do tonight. I still have three or so hours!

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