Friday, July 17, 2009

It all came together!

This evening Hannah made her potty sound (her version of s-s) and I took her to her potty, she sat on it, and peed! It was very cool! She's done that a couple of times, but mostly she either tells me after she's peed, or she tells me she needs to pee but refuses the potty. So it was neat that it all came together. It made me realize that there really is a lot to telling someone you need to go potty, waiting for them to take you, and then going! She seems to prefer to go in a general area, rather than sitting on the potty. The backyard seems to be an agreeable place for both of us, although my first choice is obviously that she go in a potty of some kind! The awareness is definitely there, and the communication is definitely there, and if I had different expectations, everything would be just fine!

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